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1 Lion's Doors on Fri 01 Jul 2011, 8:57 pm

This is a book I am also writing IRL.

Michael is my avvie XD

Michael Mynaflight gonna give ya a hug!


"The three, Michael, Seth and Danielle,
Shall go to the place where no one can tell
Left from right,
And that is filled with things that bite.
But upon one a curse is laid,
And the price MUST be paid."

Characters So Far:

Michael Mynaflight(Main Character) : Thought this is a first person story and no one really knows what Michael looks like, I will still put his description here. Long black haired boy, amber gold eyes. One of the Prophecy Children. Friends with Seth. (HA HA HA Michael Mynaflight gonna give ya a hug)

Seth Lechat: Hay colored hair, boy, bright blue eyes. One of the prophecy children. Friends with Michael.

Danielle Cheetahdash: A girl with long, bright red hair in a ponytail and dazzling blue eyes the color of sapphires. She wears a dark green short sleeve running t-shirt, with black shorts. One of the prophecy children. Danielle is a SUPER FAST runner!

Drizzle: A women with long, wavy black hair, and bright green eyes. Wears a purple witch hat, sparkling long sleeve shirt and dark, gray pants that looked like jeans.

Michael's Mom: I don't say what she looks like, but she had dark brown hair and green eyes.

Monsters So Far:


Aquaticzaygon: Tall, has scales like a dragon. Also has bat wings, a fox head with snake fangs, cheetah legs and a scorpion tail. Knows many different languages.

Lavender: A talking purple chicken.

Indigo: A talking purple husky.


Fyresnagiz: Has the head, wings and legs of a dragon and the body of a snake. My picture is hard to see... sorry. But I made it really big so then you could see it better.

Squickztor: "It had the head of a mouse, the body of a snake and the wings of an eagle. It had the beak of an owl." ~ Quote ~ Michael

Chapter One
Wind And Roars And Legends Told

Wind roared like a monster while I was lying in bed. Outside my window, trees whipped this way and that, looking like they wanted to run away. "Michael, your friend Seth is on the phone!" My mother shouted at me. "OK, I'm coming!" I yelled back and kicked off my bed covers, wondering what Seth wanted. Seth is my best friend, who was funny but can be serious at times.

I picked up the phone. "Hey Seth, what's up?" I asked.

"Uh, Michael?"
"Come to the park."
"Something... just come!"

I ran to put on shoes and change into clothes. When I got to the park, Seth was standing beside a wide pine tree, with lights coming out of it. "Seth, have you opened it?" I blurted out, pointing towards a door knob in the bark. Suddenly, a door appeared on it with two lions on it. "Whoa..." We both said.

"Now what?" I asked. "Open it, I guess." He replied, shaking his hay colored hair. "I think that's the point of the door knob, Seth." I said. Seth sighed. "You really want to open it?" "Why shouldn't we?" I countered. "You got me," he said.

"One the count of three. One, two-" "WHAT ON EARTH ARE YOU TWO DOING?!" A voice erupted from behind us. "What?" I gasped as I turned around.

A big monster was towering above us. It had scales like a dragon. It's wings were shaped like a bat's. The head of this beast was a fox with the fangs of a snake. The legs were big and spotted like a cheetah's. The tail ended with a spike that was no doubt poisonous.

The.. thing... looked at us. "N-not to be rude, b-but what are you...?" Seth asked, his voice higher pitched. "An Aquaticzaygon," it said. "Say what?" I asked. "Just call me Aqua," It said. "Um.. Okay." I replied. "Are you two going to open the door?" Aqua asked. "I was going to..." I grumbled. "Oh, these children of prophecies, think they are so great." Aqua muttered. "What did you say?" Seth questioned. "Never mind." Aqua sighed.

"Again, on the count of three. One, two, thr-" Again, there was an interruption. It was yet ANOTHER monster. This one was bigger then Aqua. It had the head, wings and legs of a dragon, and the body of a snake. "Oh no, a Fyresnagiz!" Aqua cried. "What?" We asked. "Just go!" Aqua shoved us through the open door. Then, my vision went black.

Chapter Two
It's All About The Chicken

"Michael, wake up," Someone said, shaking me. It was Seth. "What what?" I asked, siting up.

"We have a problem."
"What's that?"
"You're not going to believe me..."
"Okay, okay. A purple chicken is following us."
"You're crazy."

"I'm serious!" Seth pointed towards a bush, which rustled to reveal a lavender colored chicken. "Either we are in a dream, or someone painted a chicken," I stated firmly. Seth slapped me. "Ow! What was that for?" I asked, gingerly rubbing my cheek. "I'm trying to wake you up," He replied. I rolled my eyes.

Then, the chicken hopped towards us. "Hello. Hello. Who are you? I am Lavender." It asked. "Oooookaaaay.." I said quietly. "First we get interrupted by an Aquatic-something, then run away from a Fyre-majig, and now a talking purple chicken is following us. Can I go home now?" "Who are you?" The chicken repeated. "Michael," I told it. "Seth," Seth said.

The chicken did the unexpected. It started doing the worm! "What the?!" I cried. Seth asked, "Lavender?" It stopped flopping around. "This can't be true! THE Michael and THE Seth? We only need to find Danielle!" Lavender erupted. "Who?" We asked at the same time. "Someone." The chicken replied. "Gee, that's a lot of help..." I said.

"I can get you somewhere!" The chicken told us. "Where?" asked Seth. "The castle of Snofyre," Lavender said. "What's with all these strange names?" Seth hissed in my ear. "Seth," I warned. He went silent. The chicken took off, and I followed after with Seth.

After walking for awhile, we started to climb a hill that was... purple. "What's with this place and purple?" I asked, while looking around. Everything, even the sky, was purple. "Oh Michael..." Seth rolled his eyes. "What?" I cried. "I like the color red, not purple!" Seth snickered. Lavender stopped and cawed, "The color purple is oh so supreme and powerful. I had to cover my mouth to stop from laughing. Seth was laughing so hard, he wasn't making any noise. The chicken cocked it's head, then continued to waddle up the hill.

Chapter Three

"We are here," clucked the purple chicken. It stood in front of a gleaming palace that was -take a wild guess- purple. "More purple," I whispered. Seth grinned. "Hurry up!" Lavender called. It was already inside. We ran inside.

Inside were walls of -should I even bother?- purple. We climbed up stairs lined with amethysts. Too much purple! I thought. By looking at Seth, he was probably thinking the same thing. Then I wondered, Who is Snofyre? So I asked. "Lavender, who is Snofyre?" The chicken stopped and turned around. "Snofyre is a super powerful wizard who looks after this land," it said. "So basically they are like a god?" I said. "Yup," Lavender replied, then continued to climb the stairs. Seth and I followed.

Ten minutes later, I asked, "How much longer?" "Ten more steps!" The chicken called. Then, I saw the door. On it was a sparkling 'S' made of crystals. "Woah!" Seth and I gasped. The chicken knocked on the door, but nothing happened. I looked at the chicken. It nodded. I opened the door.

Inside, the room was bright purple(well duh!). Near the middle of the room was a purple diamond throne with anumals carved all over it. They were mostly bird and members of the cat and dog families. "Woah," We repeated. The chicken seemed surprised. It's eyes bulged like a frog's, and it started flapping wildly around the room. "Where is Snofyre?" It squawked.

When Lavender calmed down, a door appeared from the ceiling, and an indigo husky jumped out of it. "What?!" I shouted. The husky said, "Welcome, my name is Indigo. May I help you?" He barked. "Great, another talking animal..." I sighed. "Where's Snofyre?" asked Seth. "He disappeared!" The husky howled. "WHAT!?!" Everyone yelled. Indigo whispered, "Yet I still feel his presence," While looking at me in the eyes. "Hey, don't look at me!" I cried. Indigo muttered something and looked away. "So you got two of the prophecy kids, am I right?" He asked Lavender. "Yes," it replied.


"Well, let's go find Snofyre!" The chicken suddenly clucked. Seth and I exchanged confused looks, and Lavender started to walk out of the room. Seth and I followed, and the husky brought up the rear.

Chapter Four
Searching... Searching... Searching...

^That's basically what happened. Seriously. At least Seth tried to keep our spirits high with jokes. Or sort of.
"Hey, did you hear the one about..."
"Knock knock!"
"Hey look, a..."

And so on. "Knock knock Michael!" Seth cried suddenly. "Who's there..?" I sighed. I had said that over a thousand times.
"Purple who?"
"There's purple everywhere!"
"That's a lot of help."
"Aw, c'mon! It was an original!" whined Seth. "The least you could do is laugh!" "If you stop repeating it, I might," I replied.

Lavender clucked softly to Indigo, who nodded. He then barked, "We will make camp at sundown!" "Okay," I said. Seth nodded.

After an hour or so, Seth suddenly sat down. "I'm too tired," He moaned. "We have to keep-" the chicken got interrupted by the husky. "We can stop now," he said.

We made camp, with the husky producing some magical tents that had been folded up into teeny tiny squares. So, we settled into our sleeping bags and fell asleep.


I awoke to the sound of squeaking. "What's that?" I asked. "Mice?" Seth replied groggily. "No, it's something else," Lavender clucked. "A giant mouse?" Seth questioned. "A Sqickztor!" Indigo howled. "A WHAT?" I yelled.

I was answered when a monster the size of a car exploded into our tent. It had the head of a mouse, the body of a snake and the wings of an eagle. It had the beak of an owl. "AHHHHH!" We all screamed. The thing... screeched loudly at us.

We ran out of the tent with the Sqickztor hot on our heels. "Where are we going?" Seth yelled. "I don't know!" The husky shouted back. "Um... how do we get rid of the thing?" I cried. "I don't know!" the chicken screeched. "Do we run until the thing stops chasing us?" I asked. The husky pulled out a leather-bound book, labeled 'Monsters A - Z'. "Cover me!" the husky barked at me.

But what could I do against a flying snake with the head of a mouse? Apparently, lots.

Chapter Five
The Power Within... I Think.

A beam of light shot from my hands. Surprised, I fell backwards. "Whoa. Do you have any sunglasses?" Seth joked, though he was pretty impressed. Indigo looked up, and muttered something. "Can I be able to do that?" Seth whined.
"No." The husky said.
"Absolutely not."
"Just one little beam?"
"Stop it!"
"You're no fun."

Meanwhile, I was looking at the monster, or where it was. A mouse was in it's place. "Great," I said. "I can turn things into mice. Wonderful. Just what I always wanted." The chicken blinked at me.

All of a sudden, Seth yelled, "Let's get going!" We all stared at him suspicously. "Since when did you want to go?" I asked, narrowing my eyes. "Um, just now?" Said Seth. I sighed - we SHOULD get going... but... but... I just had to ask Indigo and Lavender this ONE question. "Before we go any farther, can you two tell us the prophecy?" I asked. The two of them looked at eachother. Eyebrows rose - and then the husky started to sing:

"The three, Michael, Seth and Danielle,
Shall go to the place where no one can tell
Left from right,
And that is filled with things that bite.
But upon one a curse is laid,
And the price MUST be paid."

Seth and I just stood there, jaws agape. Finally, after a while, I said, "What place? What curse?" The chicken and the husky just turned and left. We ran after them.

About a mile away from our old camp, we made a new camp. "Who wants first watch?" Seth called out. "I will do it," I volunteered. The others nodded sleepily and went into the tents to go to sleep.

I sat down on a log, thinking about the prophecy. What place was confusing and had biting things? What price of a curse must be paid? WHO could be infected with the curse?

Can I EVER go back home?


Snap. Someone or something stepped on a twig behind me. I turned around to see who or what it is.

Chapter Six
A Surprise

"We come in peace!" It was a women with long, wavy black hair, and bright green eyes. She was wearing a purple witch hat, sparkling long sleeve shirt and dark, gray pants that looked like jeans. With her was a girl with long, bright red hair in a ponytail and dazzling blue eyes the color of sapphires. She was wearing a dark green short sleeve running t-shirt, with black shorts.

"Um, who are you?" I asked cautiously. "I'm the With Of The Falling Drizzle, but you can call me Drizzle," said the woman. "I'm Danielle," the girl replied. A light bulb flashed in my head. This was her. Danielle. The third of the prophecy. Then I remembered my manners and said, "Oh, and I'm Michael."

"We are here to speak with you, Seth, Indigo and Lavender," Drizzle said. "Um, okay..." I paused, then went to fetch Lavender, Seth and Indigo.

"Hello, Drizzle and Danielle," Indigo and Lavender said. Seth and I just said hi. "I suppose you may know where Snofyre is?" questioned Indigo. "Yep," Drizzle answered. "Where?" Lavender asked. Drizzle smiled, and then said, "He is in the camp!" All of a sudden, Seth jumped up and went to search in the bushes.

After a while, Seth came back. "Snofyre's hear," he said sadly, obviously disappointed. "Snofyre is among yoooooooouuu!" sang Dirzzle. Danielle, Seth and I all looked at each other. We all yelled at the same time:


Pause. "Michael," Seth said, adressing me. "It's got to be you. I mean, you did that beam thing and turned the... squickztor thingy into a frog." I looked at Drizzle. "Can you tell Seth that he has gone mad?" I asked her. "Your friend is correct, Michael. Or shall I say," Dramatic pause.


I blinked, and passed out.

/\ /\/\ <>

Hey, Seth here! I'll be narrating the story for a little bit now!

"Snofyre?" Drizzle said. Michael blinked, and fainted. "Ummm, is he okay?" I asked. "Let me see," Dirzzle picked him up and went inside a tent.

"So, Michael is Snofyre, apparently." I stated. "Yup," replied Danielle. "Isn't that great?" I said, and angrily kicked a stone. "You're jealous," remarked Danielle. "Am not!" I cried. The tent opening fluttered, and Drizzle came out, with an expression that could only mean three letters: B. A. D.

"How is he?" I asked, a little scared.

She looked at me with sad eyes.

"Not well, Seth. Not well."

Chapter Seven
Light Of The Moon

"But he just passed out of surprise, didn't he?" I asked. "Something poisoned him - the poison of a fyresnagiz! It's the second most poisonous creature in our world! He has ten days to live." Drizzle said.

My knees buckled, but Danielle caught me. "B-but... I thought it didn't get him! What's the antidote?!" I shouted. "It did get him, and as for the antidote, it is a rare flower that grows in the Steepener Mountains, a nine day's journey from here. It takes twenty-two hours to prepare the flower," She went on.

I covered my face. "Michael's doomed!" I cried. Danielle let go of me, and with a new fierceness, she yelled, "No! We will do this!"


Easier said then done, Danielle. I thought four days later. Lavender, Drizzle and Indigo were taking a break, and told Danielle and I we could do whatever.

I looked around the sandy plains that had forest scattered around that we were in. "So, what do you want to do?" I asked Danielle. She shrugged. "Running race?" She suggested. "Sure," I said. "Just don't blame me if you lose!" I smiled, and started to run. "To that bush!" Danielle called from behind me. The bush was pretty far away. Could I sprint it? All of a sudden, there was a blur as something ran by. Danielle. She was at the bush in second. "How did you run so fast?" I asked. She winked, then said, "We have to back to the others now.


The fire crackled loudly as we sat beside it on the hot sand. The moon casted it's light over the camp. "Are you sure our 'quest' will be finished in time?" I asked. Drizzle glared at me. "Now, Seth, be positive! We WILL find the cure!" She snarled, as if she had turned into a mountain lion. Or something of the sort. "Okay, just saying, because I haven't seen the Steepener Mountains yet..." I broke off my sentence, as Danielle looked at me as if she was going to slap me. "Just go to bed Seth." She hissed like a snake. "Ok..." I crawled into my tent.

When will this be over?

Chapter Eight

"Wake up Seth!" Danielle called. "What is it?" I asked groggily as I sat up. "Drizzle needs help with a spell," She said. "Why do I need to help? I'm not a witch - I mean, a wizard or something." I blushed. "Just come!" Danielle grabbed my arm and pulled me out of the tent.

Drizzle was sitting in the center of the camp, legs crossed, beside Michael's unconscious body. "Wh-what are you doing?" I asked her. "A spell!" She snapped. She didn't seem to be in a good mood. "What do you want us to do?" I questioned. "Chant the words:

Unfold thy wing and fly,
With a mind english is spoken,
Unleash thy power to awaken thyself
As a heart-faced flyer of the night.

Drizzle paused, then asked, "Got it?" "Okay..." I replied. She then gave Danielle words she had to say. "Now," Drizzle said, "lets begin!" We all started to chant our lines:

"Spoken for all to hear,
A magnificent flyer to behold...

"Unleash thy power to awaken thyself
As a heart-faced flyer of the night...

"Use the magic, let it flow,
And let it give thee night eye sight...

After chanting our lines about ten times, Michael disappeared in a flash, and reappeared as a barn owl. "Whoa!" I cried. "What about the poison...?" "The poison still works, but only on his human form. It is momentarily stopped, but will resume in three days," Drizzle explained. The barn owl looked at us. "What happened?" it asked. It was no doubt Michael - it was his exact voice.

<> /\/\/\

Hey, I'm back - Michael! Did you miss me yet? You didn't? Oh well... On with the story then...

"What happened?" I asked. "Well, you sorta passed out and..." Seth filled me in. When he finished, I looked at my wings. They looked like an owl's and I knew the markings were a barn owl's. "Barn owl?" I asked. Drizzle nodded, "It'll be your main form for now, but you can turn into anything, really. Just say the name in Canisnese and think about the animal really hard, and you'll turn into it." She paused, then added, "Oh. and don't try transforming into your human form or you'll...


Chapter Nine
Flight Try-Outs

"Thanks for the pleasant thought, Drizzle." I rolled my eyes. Seth looked at me. "Umm... shouldn't you try to learn to fly?" He asked. "Well, yeah! But... do you have an instructions booklet or what?" I ruffled my feathers. "Try flapping," Danielle said, as if it were the easiest thing in the world. "Duh! Kinda knew that!" I raised my wings, and brought them down hard, making myself rise off the ground about a foot. "Whoa!" I cried, and flapped my wings over and over again, rising higher and higher into the sky.

I was starting to ride an updraft when Seth yelled, "Michael, come down!" "Okay," I dipped my wings down like I had seen birds of prey do while catching prey on T.V. The only problem was, I dipped them to far, and started hurtling down at the ground like a meteor. "Ahhh!" I yelled as the ground rushed up to meet me. I opened my wings at the last second, wrenching myself out of the dive. "Wooo! That was fun!" I called, as I hovered in the air.

Then Lavender spoke up. "Michael, you should land." "I don't suppose you have an instructions booklet for that either," I muttered. I circled over a branch of one of the few trees. Outstretching my talons, I alighted on the branch. Yes! Then: SNAP! The branch broke. "Ahhh!" I screeched as I fell, but then I flew back up. "That branch was too flimsy to hold an owl!" Seth was laughing so hard, he was slapping his knees. "Why is it so funny?" I asked. "It just is!" He replied with a silly grin on his face. "Then I'll land on you!"

With that, I circled Seth's head and landed on his shoulder. "Hey!" He yelled, and tried to pry me off his shoulder. But owls are hard to get rid of. After five minutes or so, I let go. "Finally!" Seth sighed, rubbing his shoulder where I had landed. I landed on another branch, and was lucky it was strong enough. I looked at Drizzle to see if she was going to say anything.

She did. "Now, I'm going to teach you Canisnese," Drizzle said. "Okay, I'm ready," I said. "So, the first animal you are going to learn is Nikzál, which means barn owl. Pronounce it with me. Nick-zahl. Nikzál. Good. Now - Félínna - that's cat/. Lets see you try to transform into a cat. I quickly thought of the black cat my next door neighbor had. "Félínna!" I cried.


I looked down to see black paws. "Woah, totally cool!" I grinned.


Chapter Ten
A Crimson Night

"Or not," I growled as I unsheathed my claws instinctively. In front of us was yet another monster. This one was big, with the body of an olive green dragon, a chocolate brown ram's head and a fiery orange fox tail. "Someone's been in the lab too long..." I muttered under my breath, but Drizzle just screamed: "Ahhh! A Raxdracom!" "A what?" Seth and I asked at the same time. "Never mind, just do something to distract it and it won't attack!" She yelled back.

I leaped in front of the Raxdracom and tried doing some random dance moves. Result? Failure! "What are you doing?" Seth questioned, then randomly said jokes he just made up, even though most were terribly bad. Danielle tried running around it so fast, I could only see a blur of her. RRRRROOOOOOOAAAAARRR! So maybe the Raxdracom didn't like the Prophecy Kids Circus after all. Maybe we could use a new act. "Umm... Nikzál!" I hissed, and turned into a barn owl. Then I turned back into a cat, and so on. But...

I kept getting more and more tired. Danielle was slowing down. Seth was running out of random stuff to say. But we hadn't noticed that Lavender, Indigo and Drizzle had been working to tie up the Raxdracom.

After a minute, I was so tired I just collapsed on the ground, panting, my vision turning the world a blur of red crimson. And only then did I realize that it was night time. Seth slumped against a tree while Danielle sat, legs out, on the ground, breathing hard. The circus is closed for the night, Raxdracom. Please come again tomorrow. RRRROOOOOAAAAAARRRR! The Raxdracom definitely was NOT happy when it realized that it was tied up.

I silently grinned, and closed my eyes.


I woke up early the next morning. That was when I realized two things - One: Some one had carried me into a tent and Two: I was still in my cat form. However, I was too tired from the night before to change back, and I kinda wanted to explore being a cat more. I padded outside.

Danielle and Seth were sitting on a log, arguing whether phoenixes or dragons were better. "Dragons are big, powerful and can breathe fire!" Seth was saying. "Oh yeah? Well, phoenixes are MADE of fire, so dragons can't hurt them! And plus, they can't die because - Oh hi, Michael!" Danielle waved to me."Um... hi. Am I interrupting?" I cautiously asked. "No, no!" Seth cried. "I need you too convince Danielle that dragons are better then phoenixes!" "Well... I like them both," I replied. Seth and Danielle groaned. "Aw..."

All of a sudden, Drizzle appeared. "Time for some Canisnese lessons!" She sang out. "We'll be learning the words for Phoenix and Dragon!" We all stared at each other, then burst out laughing.


You can post, but please do not go off topic.

Also, I give you permission to do parodies. I don't really care. XD

Favorite parodies:

Parody on Chapter Three(by Sora on WCW)

Seth: Hey, where's Snofyre?
Michael: Is he behind the throne or what?
Indigo: In case you haven't noticed, Michael, you ARE Snofyre.
Michael: 0_0
Seth: ... YOU LIAR!!! *tackles Indigo*
Michael and Lavender: *watch*

Chapter Four Parody(by Sora on WCW)

Seth: Knock knock.
Michael: Who's there?
Seth: Purple.
Michael: *face palm* Purple who?
Seth: THERE'S PURPLE EVERYWHERE! *starts laughing hysterically*
Michael: 0_0 You've been saying that for hours. It's not funny.
Seth: Oh.


Michael: Knock knock.
Seth: Who's there?
Michael: Purple.
Seth: *raises eyebrows* Purple who?
Michael: Purple you know that I was going to say purple?!? *starts laughing*
Seth: *pause* YOU LIAR! *tackles Michael*

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2 Re: Lion's Doors on Fri 01 Jul 2011, 9:24 pm

cute i like it

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3 Re: Lion's Doors on Fri 01 Jul 2011, 9:28 pm

Cute? Interesting - haven't gotten that as a reply before! XD

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4 Re: Lion's Doors on Fri 01 Jul 2011, 9:32 pm

I haven't read the whole thing yet, but the beginning is good! "cute" xD

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5 Re: Lion's Doors on Fri 01 Jul 2011, 9:52 pm

lol I know.

Thanks, HW!

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6 Re: Lion's Doors on Tue 05 Jul 2011, 7:44 pm

I finished it! What will happen next?

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7 Re: Lion's Doors on Wed 06 Jul 2011, 3:07 am

Whew.....how long did that take you?......very good.

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8 that was amazing on Sat 06 Aug 2011, 11:22 am

that was the best thing i ever reade can you write for me you have the best talent ever

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9 Re: Lion's Doors on Sat 06 Aug 2011, 1:41 pm

HW: Currently on break XD Though I have to post chapters still, I think

Mimi: Lots of free time during school, and lots of time at home XD

sammy: Thanks sammy! Write for you? I'd do that for anyone who needs help, except that's too much! All I have to say is practice, write a lot, read a lot, and read writing books!

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