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1 Ganz Is Making Me Crazy..er on Mon 01 Aug 2011, 9:59 pm

So I like to decorate...and plan ahead if possible....and put my rooms in somewhat logical order and so I sometimes rearrange where they are.....and I may make 2 rooms instead of 1 for a rare....a bedroom and a living room next to each other.....this makes for a very large 'house'.......When they came up with the mall idea in the e-store I knew I had to have it because I (and of course my pets) love shopping...and this would take several rooms side by side because I knew they would make a bunch of stores and I was already planning a fast food area .....then they did the spree game and with the street tiles.....I went crazy and planned way out (I thought).....I bought enough rooms for the mall and streets and parking alongside and the shops I wanted to make also.......(Deep sigh)....but they threw in the campkinz and we have a small glitch...not real big.....some street area now goes to forest and camping, archery and swimming....and former regular rooms will become cabin areas.....can do......BUT NOW......they are doing this dirt road tiles

which should (in my mind) link up somehow to my forest area...and can't........I can't move the whole camp thing somewhere else (though its not set up yet)....can I?.....I can't even figure out how much space I need yet. Here is the map area of where I'm doing/planning.

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2 Re: Ganz Is Making Me Crazy..er on Mon 01 Aug 2011, 10:36 pm

I would put the trail in all the forest rooms, but the new road leading to the trail in one or two of the rooms. Nobody takes a hike to go hike, so they have to drive! Razz

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3 Re: Ganz Is Making Me Crazy..er on Tue 02 Aug 2011, 4:11 pm

I am going to make an off track road in my city. That way it looks like it is a up and coming town Happy

--Panda sunny
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4 Re: Ganz Is Making Me Crazy..er on Tue 02 Aug 2011, 8:56 pm

I'm thinking if I just purchase a whole new block of green with a couple of 'cabins' in the middle down in the lower left......I can have my street area go off into wilderness......I also was going to put an amusement park at the end there across from the arcade that is supposed to be at the end of the mall.....hmmmm scratch.....I need to get a bunch more cash.

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