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Having trouble with topics? Did you apply to be a Trader, but you weren't accepted? Or do you just want to make good posts? Read this guide!

First of all, we need to establish the difference between topics and posts. A topic is a message written by any member that can be accessed through one of the forums in the index. An example of a topic is what you are reading right now. When you clicked "Topics and Posts: What They Are and How to Use Them", you were linking to this topic. A post is simply a reply to a topic, also written by any member.

Steps for a good topic:

1. Make sure no one else has posted a topic like yours. If they have, see if it's similar enough to yours that yours would be considered a duplicate. If it is too similar, don't post. If it has several differences, go ahead.

2. Be sure your topic is in the right section. If you have a suggestion, go to the "WWN Rules Guides, and Suggestions" forum. This is pretty basic.

3. Begin posting your topic by clicking the "New Topic" button. Choose "None" as your topic icon. Use a precise title, such as "Help Posting Pictures" and not "HELP ME!" In the message of your topic, use the best grammar and spelling possible. Please don't use "text speak".

4. When your topic is done, click "Send" to post it. You're done! Wait for the replies to come rolling in!

Steps for a good post:

1. Make sure your post is relevant, and also not a duplicate. Anything that has already been said or never needs to be said in the first place will be considered "fluff".

2. For apllicants to be traders, posts like these will NOT be considered relevant:
  • Awesome!
  • Thanks!
  • Anyone else?
  • BUMP!
  • lol

Keep in mind that these posts may be fine to make, but they don't count as posts toward your trading acceptance.

3. If your posts complies with step one, start posting it by clicking "Post Reply" on the topic to which you wish to reply. Don't worry about your icon or title.

4. In the "Message" box, write your post. Obviously, follow all WWN rules in your text. As with topics, use the best spelling and grammar you can. Again, don't use text speak.

5. Click "Send." You have posted!

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